A dual hymn to the modern in quartet and dance concert at Freer|Sackler

"Though the musical selection ranged from sugary neo-tonality to more discordant asperities, the ensemble’s clean intonation and collaborative spirit showed everything in the best light. Dense, dissonant homophony in Akira Miyoshi’s String Quartet No. 3 (“Constellation in black”) was frenetic and strident, enlivened by contrapuntal lines on which each voice rocketed out of the tumult. Regular shifts of texture sustained interest until the piece evaporated in a mist of harmonics and ethereal notes."

Charles T. Downey, Washington Classical Review
Our View: Season of success underway

"Congratulations to Pro Musica, a local nonprofit that has worked since 1981 to bring world-class, live classical music to the Joplin area, on another successful chamber music program.

Joplin’s First Community Church was packed on Thursday night for the season’s second performance, from Aeolus Quartet. The group also performed earlier in the week for fourth- and fifth-grade students at Cecil Floyd and Irving elementary schools in Joplin."

The Joplin Globe
Sampling Lincoln Center’s Great Performers With the Aeolus Quartet

"Base camp seldom looked so bleak, or the journey more arduous, but the practically aching lustre of the payoff made everything worthwhile. The crowd didn’t know what hit them."

New York Music Daily
Passionate Aeolus on Music Mountain

Aeolus’ performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s String Quartet no. 2 in A minor, Op. 13 (1827) offered the palpable treat of the afternoon...

The audience at august Gordon Hall was ecstatic, hypnotized, demanding a second bow, rising to their feet. While I had sensed slight nervous tension in the players at the opening of the performance, it was clear that they were glowing, relaxed, bathing in that extraordinary aura of something special well-achieved.

Kevin T. McEneaney, The Millbrook Independent

"...Septet" was a deep dive into Aeolus' alert performance of Wuorinen's dynamic String Quartet No. 2."

Jonelle Seitz, The Austin Chronicle

“But perhaps it was Aeolus Quartet who produced the most unexpected performance of all: a highly intelligent, crisp, but deeply considered reading of Dvorák’s Quartet No. 14 in A-flat major, a difficult work to pull off on several different levels.

And what a pleasure it was to hear this piece so well performed and to hear Aeolus meet the interpretive, harmonic and formal challenges inherent in the work. The folkloric aspects in the suave and lovely Lento movement, the structural sophistication so typical of late Dvorák which Aeolus brushed aside with enviable ease, and especially the unstinting ensemble panache to exploit those darker chordal sonorities combined with a completely authentic presentation of the Czech folkloric and seemingly inexhaustible rhythmic ideas were all elements fully at the command of a masterful Aeolus Quartet. An overwhelming presentation, especially the ending to the fourth movement — froze me in my seat.”

Stephan Bonfield, Calgary Herald

“In the opening afternoon recital, Aeolus Quartet gave an outstanding performance of Haydn’s String Quartet, Op. 64, No. 6, complete with the composer’s musical rhetoric intact, great harmonic control, and splendid tone from first violinist Nicholas Tavani, who possesses a lovely sense of phrasing with ironclad command. Superb folk-like feel in the minuet and trio and a great finale to end it all, Aeolus got off to a fine start, demonstrating felicitous tone and some delightful colours with a dynamic range that was compact and never excessive. With all the rights things in all the right places and at all the appropriate times, Aeolus presents as a highly musical ensemble to keep watch on in the coming rounds.”

Stephan Bonfield, Calgary Herald

"Immediately evident, too, was the Aeolus Quartet's fully formed personality. A rich and warm tone combined with precise ensemble playing (that managed also to come across as fluid and natural), and an impressive musical intelligence guided every technical and dramatic turn....

This is clearly a string quartet to watch."

Mark Satola, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Although they moved to biting attacks and brighter or edgier sounds as needed, the group's core sound is full, warm and beautifully blended. They played with exceptional attention and sensitivity to one another, each taking the musical lead, following or meshing gracefully into the ensemble sound throughout the performance....

They reveled in the colors, textures and expressive lines of the Debussy quartet, moving from an intense first movement to sparkling pizzicatos in the second. Their gentle, deeply expressive third movement gave way to a completely engrossing fourth movement, which included moments with the distinct character and sound of jazz standards.”

Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

"What was most rewarding on Sunday was the way the Aelous Quartet combined smoothly meshed technique with a sense of spontaneity and discovery....

The Aelous players dug into the thorny work with admirable technical clarity, tonal vibrancy and, above all, an appreciation for the dark vein of lyricism running through it. The surging performance communicated richly at every turn."

Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

“Their performance of the Brahms is highly energetic and passionate, well in-tune, and technically refined. So too is their Bartók, with nicely-matched articulation and careful control of dynamics.”

Mike D. Brownell, allmusic.com

"They... have what it takes to become a major string quartet....

As an ensemble they have charisma, dazzling chops and the ability to put together a meaningful and emotionally satisfying program, which they did Friday night.”

Susan L. Pena, Reading Eagle
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