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BW Bach Festival: duo pianists Anderson and Roe

"The duo piano team of Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe combined virtuosity and entertainment at their afternoon concert on April 13 in Baldwin Wallace’s Gamble Auditorium, as part of the 2019 BW Bach Festival. Johann Sebastian Bach’s works were filtered through the lens of composers as diverse as Heitor Villa-Lobos and György Kurtág, and through the duo’s own arrangements."

Timothy Robson, ClevelandClassical
Piano duo bring unique style to Sarasota concert

"Hands-down, their collective keyboard technique ranks at or near the top of pianists on stage today, and they prove it consistently with bristling accuracy and finely nuanced interpretations."

Gayle Williams, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Anderson & Roe, RLPO, Tali, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool review - measured fire

"Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe have been in Liverpool for two weeks as performers in residence and their performance of Mozart’s Concerto for Two Pianos was electrifying. This was no battle of the pianos but a sophisticated chat between people who clearly give adrenalin-charged performances.The RLPO supported when needed and shone forth when allowed. The slow movement felt understated but the tempo of the finale felt rushed. It pushed ahead, ending almost breathlessly. No qualms about Anderson and Roe's encore, though – a piano duet arrangement of "America", not among the Symphonic Dances, produced musical theatre, extrovert virtuosity and pure entertainment."

Glyn Môn Hughes, theartsdesk
Piano duo Anderson & Roe provides transformative experience through chamber music at Herbst Theatre

Through this captivating performance in San Francisco, the pair made the allure for its craft abundantly clear.

Sophie Kim, The Daily Californian
Anderson & Roe: An outstanding evening's entertainment

"I am struggling for superlatives to describe what was an outstanding evening's entertainment, a smorgasbord of dazzling pianistic virtuosity, musicianship and stagecraft, all bundled up in an irresistible package by two dynamic young performers."

Patrick Shepherd, The Press (New Zealand)
Imaginative arrangements in abundance at The Globe

"The works, especially arranged by these able pianists themselves, played to their obvious strengths, thus ensuring the thorough exploration of the expressive qualities of each was superbly highlighted by the emotive playing of these artists."

Stephen Fisher, Manawatu Standard
Anderson and Roe Piano Duo – a compelling and invigorating mix of gravitas and glitter!

"They had what I think is an overall philosophy of performing, which they were able to apply to everything they did – this was to throw themselves entirely into each of the item’s particular world of expression, and adopt ways of bringing out the essentials of whatever piece. However, in doing this they became chameleon-like in their different kinds of treatment of each of the works, so that we in the audience felt transported to each “space” inhabited by the composer of the original music. I got the feeling that they wanted to pay homage to each of these creative acts by bringing out the individual “character” of the pieces – in the event, most successfully."

Peter Mechen, Middle C
Review: HSO's 'Keys To Romance' An Inspired Evening Of Passion

"Anderson & Roe were given wave after wave of enthusiastic applause, and the evening felt young and inspired. Apparently one key to feeling young is to attend."

Jeffery Johnson, Hartford Courant
Anderson and Roe's pyrotechnics dazzle at Kennedy Center

Facing each other at two Steinway grands, the duo tackled British composer Thomas Adès’s “Concert Paraphrase,” based on his chamber opera “Powder Her Face,” as well as their self-penned “Carmen Fantasy for Two Pianos,” based upon Bizet’s opera. In the former, the pianists created gossamer melodies, rippled chords and a sardonic tango. In the latter, the two displayed dizzying technique in a smoky “Habanera,” and filigree “Aragonaise.”

Grace Jean, The Washington Post
Eclectic Anderson & Roe Transcriptions Captivate Weill Hall Audience

"There were wonderful mixtures of colors, rhythms, melodies and dissonances, with soft chords building to loud and sometimes jazzy chords. The energy was palpable."

Nicki Bell, Classical Sonoma

"Anderson and Roe are tremendously charismatic and insanely talented, and the Poulenc concerto was a great piece to demonstrate some of their stylistic range."

Nigel Smith, Good News Liverpool

"Anderson and Roe, the piano duo who played at the National Gallery on Sunday afternoon, are the very model of complete 21st-century musicians. They fuse classical and pop music into a blend of high artistry and skillful entertainment; they write informative program notes; they talk to the audience from the stage, passing the mic back and forth. That they are crack pianists goes without saying."

Anne Midgette, The Washington Post

"Pianists Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe function like a complex machine, fusing two musical minds into one.... Anderson and Roe are the gold standard among today's piano duos."

Kelly Dean Hansen, Boulder Daily Camera
Anderson & Roe conjure Bach and Radiohead at the end of civilization.

"This explains why Anderson & Roe have earned hype beyond classical music circles. This is different. Their hands skitter and slide across the keys, crossing and caressing, then jerking back like a puppetmaster yanked their string. Sometimes they take turns, one manipulating the piano strings beneath the propped lid while the other plucks the keys."

Kera Abraham, Monterey County Weekly
Piano duo's high-adrenaline show

"The Anderson & Roe Piano Duo are arguably the highest profile piano duo of the current generation."

Mervin Beng, The Straits Times
Pianists Elizabeth Roe and Greg Anderson combined dynamic play and impressive arrangements in Thursday's MCC Gala concert with the Waco Symphony Orchestra.
Piano duo Anderson & Roe still marvelous in return MCC concert

"The duo, who perform as Anderson & Roe, delivered their usual ear- and eye-filling keyboard wizardry in a gala concert marking McLennan Community College’s 50th anniversary, with two electrifying four-hand encores that closed an already lively evening with a bang."

Carl Hoover, The Waco Tribune
Piano duo gives masterful Mar-a-Lago performance

"Once again, Anderson & Roe Piano Duo performed with the electricity and abandon that have become a hallmark of their career. The stark contrasts of dynamics and textures were masterfully rendered, resulting in a most satisfying performance."

Marcio Bezerra, Palm Beach Daily News
Piano duo gives masterful Mar-a-Lago performance

"The performance was remarkable in more than one way: Not only did the artists display superb musicianship throughout the program, but also the program itself was full of surprises."

Marcio Bezerra, Palm Beach Daily News
The Art of Bach

"... the duo's restraint and taste reveal how the music's expressive poignancy stands up without sung texts.

"Certainly [Bach] would have embraced Anderson & Roe's ingenuity and musicianship."

Jed Distler, Gramophone
Romantic classics suitable Valentines for music lovers

"Roe, as the duo’s spitfire, threw sparks every time she had a solo, tossing off crisp runs and fluid arpeggios. Anderson proved to be the eloquent poet, at his most lyrical best during the Andante. Then it became time for the finale Rondo: Allegro, tightly synchronized with the two musicians playing off each other while infusing the movement with rhythmic vitality and drive.

"In response to a rousing standing ovation and three curtain calls, the couple then tossed off a jaw-dropping, four-handed encore of a Piazzola tango that saw each musician toppling over the other, plucking strings inside the instrument that grew more incredible by the minute."

Holly Harris, Winnipeg Free Press
Boico leads 'bittersweet' CSO season finale

"It is difficult to declare who stole the show: it was owned by the moment, and the next, moment by moment, though Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe, YouTube phenoms and a popular touring piano duo, held a good bit of it with Poulenc’s 'Concerto for Two Pianos in D Minor,' from 1932.

"Roe and Anderson are all about color. They were inspired. Color and variegated moods defined their playing, Anderson straight-backed in a grey suit that could have been flannel, holding ground like the anchor store, but with a sense of gaiety and humor, as he turned his grand piano into a toy for the insouciance of the final movement, easily carrying the delight of a bubbly tour of Parisian night life, though always with a straight face.

"...no idle hands, no moss growing anyplace, Poulenc’s adventure demanded near constant presence for the two pianos, and Anderson and Roe took it on heroically."

Anthony Bannon, Chautauquan Daily
Review: 'An Amadeus Affair'

"There is an overriding joy in their music-making. Couple that with incredible technical abilities, ensemble second to none, and, in their videos, a true sense of theatrical entertainment, and you have a positive look at the future of classical music performance. They do have it all, and any classical music lover owes it to himself to hear Anderson & Roe."

James Harrington, American Record Guide
'An Amadeus Affair'

"More Cosi fan tutte follows in Grand Scherzo, the duo's duet arrangement based on the final 12 minutes or so of Act 1, succeeded by Liszt's two-piano version of his Reminiscences de Don Juan, a test for ensemble precision if ever there was one and which Anderson & Roe pass with flying colours, sensitively paced and ultimately exhilarating."

Jeremy Nichols, Gramophone
Bravo! Anderson & Roe Piano Duo prove riveting
"The Chamber Music Society of Palm Beach presented an artistic triumph Thursday night at The Mar-a-Lago Club: the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo’s performance was something rarely encountered in concert-going.... They have a truly deep artistry, magnificent technique and an equal capacity for sheer fun. And they put together a program that displays their myriad strengths perfectly."
Ken Keaton, Palm Beach Daily News
Anderson and Roe inaugurate Cliburn Sessions
"The duo’s playing was marked by virtuosity and bubbled with youthful energy. Their running commentary, clever and informative, allowed them to create characters ... that enlivened the recital format with a touch of whimsy. Anderson was mischievous, Roe strove for a modicum of control.... The evening was a complete success. Excellent music that was markedly different from what we usually hear, a full measure of originality, [and] Cliburn-level pianism."
Gregory Sullivan Isaacs, DFW
"An Amadeus Affair"
"Everything Busoni has imagined, from the innocence at the beginning through to the incredible climax of his original cadenza and then the scampering around and last kisses in bed, is beautifully realized by Anderson & Roe; it will change the lives of all who hear it, both for the music and the way it is played."
Laurence Vittes, Audiophile Audition
Piano duo Anderson & Roe kick off Cliburn Sessions series
"Anderson & Roe ... are known for their unfettered approaches to classical works in piano for four hands and duo arrangements."
Punch Shaw, Star-Telegram
'An Amadeus Affair' offers exceptional pianism from Anderson & Roe Piano Duo
"Throughout An Amadeus Affair, Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe bring Mozart’s greatness to a new generation while escalating the role of the classical piano duo to a new level of virtuosity and sophistication."
Paula Edelstein, Examiner.com
HSO Excels In Williams' Symphony
"... this Duo was so engaging and so deeply musical that the audience was riveted until the final chords were struck."
Jeffrey Johnson, Hartford Courant
"Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe are behind some of the most exciting work happening in the contemporary classical music world right now—including their wonderful music videos—transforming the often stultifyingly traditional and reserved medium of the modern classical music concert into an inventive, emotionally-charged auditory and visual experience." Read More...
Lauren Nokes, The Lawrentian
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