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Calefax Reed Quintet, established thirty years ago, is now in great demand worldwide, not least because of their unique instrumentation. The five musicians arrange, recompose and interpret music from eight centuries to suit their unique constellation. From early music to classical and jazz to world premières, in the hands of Calefax it all sounds fresh and new. The Amsterdam-based ensemble has won a number of prestigious prizes, and can be heard frequently throughout Europe as well as in Russia, China, India, Turkey, Japan and the USA. The Times (UK) has called them “five extremely gifted Dutch gents who almost made the reed quintet seem the best musical format on the planet.”

Posted: Jan-14-2016
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From their first intake of breath, their concert was a complete knock-out. The saxophones completely integrated and blended. And the music combined tightly-harnessed energy and verve with beautiful subtlety and nerve-tingling sounds textures.

— Bognor Regis Observer
Posted: Sep-6-2016
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Posted: Jan-6-2016