HOT Dream in Honolulu

"Claire Shackleton’s smooth, ripe mezzo gifted the role of Hermia with a luxurious lower-middle and an effortlessly floated top."

James Sohre, Opera Today
An Opera That's Performed in Highland Park, and Set in Highland Park

“Shackleton’s voice is stirringly searing as she tries to salvage her opera, only to be constantly interrupted by the vaudevillians’ pratfalls.”

Falling James, LA Weekly
Ariadne of Naxos - Pacific Opera Project

“Shackleton is a convincingly passionate Composer who sings with an easy grace that captivates. And her English diction is commendable.”

Michael Van Duzer,
Central City Opera is a fitting setting for The Marriage of Figaro

“Claire Shackleton is a warm-voiced, empathetic Marcellina.”

Juliet Wittman, Denver Westword
Total: 4 (Viewing: 1–4)