Confronting Miller’s Daughter In Taproom

"Frank Kelley’s deep engagement with Schubert’s wanderer began some decades ago with a graduate school recital and has continued through the decades of his performing life. What you see is what you get now as he inhabits this role: a slightly emaciated, agonized, if occasionally hopeful seeker in slim back pants and a zippered black sweater. No score separated him from us. He directly conversed with us, making of the tale something as personal as a Dylan Thomas reading. His wealth of unforced colors ran evenly across his range, and his rolled Rs and German plosives really told."

Lee Eiseman, Boston Musical Intelligencer
Quartet Spins NH Mill Wheels

“The best performers of song cycles, among which Kelley undoubtedly numbers, elevate the genre above mere singing to an experience of intense emotional drama.

"Kelley, who, with his impassioned, tightly coiled energy and magnetic stage presence, was the perfect embodiment of the tortured, unhinged romantic, the unreliable narrator who leads the listener through the seductive circles of his doomed inner life.”

Zoe Kemmerling, Boston Musical Intelligencer
The Poets of Song and Piano Speak
"Frank Kelley excelled as a communicative artist, giving us the impression that he was confiding in us individually. His German enunciation was impeccable....Kelley’s burnished tone was just right for the wood paneled 200-seat auditorium. His legato was admirable, but his sensitivity to the texts and the shifts of mood was superlative."
Larry Phillips, Boston Musical Intelligencer
An Inspirational "War Requiem"
"The soloists were superbly suited to their roles: Frank Kelley, as the tenor, sang with appropriate anger and resigned grief."
Anthony J. Palmer, Arts Fuse
Philharmonic joins voices in stirring 'War Requiem'
"The soloists were particularly fine, with tenor Frank Kelley singing with clarion tone and stirring immediacy…"
Jeremy Eichler, Boston Globe
Aldridge: Elmer Gantry
"Tenor Frank Kelley, as Eddie Fislinger, a bitter rival who sees through Elmer's hypocrisy, does a marvelous job with the tour-de-force Act I curtain number..."
Joshua Rosenblum, Opera News
Rameau: Pieces de clavecin en concerts, Orphée, L'impatience
"Frank Kelley sings with wonderful perception and authority..."
Steven Ritter, Audiophile Audition
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