"Another Laureate of the 2009 Honens International Piano Competition, Swiss-born American Gilles Vonsattel, a pupil of Jerome Lowenthal, brings a decided flair for the Gallic repertory to this disc, in which the spirit of Ravel reigns supreme." Read More...
Gary Lemco, Audiophile Audition
"Rarely have I heard artists so in tune with each other in so many ways. Vonsattel's ringing sounds never overwhelmed Jackiw's sensitive lyricism; in fact they often seemed to grow out of each other." Read More...
Mary Wallace Davidson, Boston Musical Intelligencer
La Belle Époque
"There were several moments of extended techniques, including string harmonics and Vonsattel's strumming of the strings, which garnered a bemused reaction from the audience. I thought this quite a savvy programming idea, serving the audience a well-portioned dessert of modern music after an evening of vibrant Impressionism."
Christopher Levin, Kansas City Metropolis
Fill-Ins Hit the Spot for BSO at Tanglewood
"Vonsattel's last-minute appearance in a piece as difficult as the Brahms must have been unnerving for the pianist. Yet he acquitted himself well, playing this dense, angular piece with an introspective, lyrical approach whose clarity and light touch even in the concerto's thickest passages were surprising and welcome."
David Weininger, Boston Globe
"The young Swiss-American virtuoso rose to the challenge and delivered an enthusiastic performance of this challenging piano music during his debut performance with the BSO at Tanglewood." Read More...
Adrian Hill, Berkshire Fine Arts
Borromeo, Vonsattel Add to Discussion of New Performance Center at Rockport
"The slow movement brought from the performers an uncommon delicacy, and while the "scherzo" (never an easy or unambiguous concept for Brahms) yields some thunderous passages, it was the softer ones that made the greatest impression and seemed to draw from the players their finest ensemble tone. The finale, however, with its drawn-out introduction that eventually seizes control of the whole movement, was a pure triumph, piercing the veil and grabbing the audience by the lapels."
Vance R. Koven, The Boston Musical Intelligencer
Last Stop in Exploration of Beethoven's Sonatas
"Mr. Vonsattel contributed some sparkling, clear playing."
Vivien Schweitzer, New York Times
"The Swiss-born winner of the 2002 Naumburg International Piano Competition, Vonsattel possesses a dazzling technique that can storm the heavens or sing in poetic introspection.... An impressive artist and dynamic virtuoso, Vonsattel left an indelible mark in a terrific Miami debut." Read More...
Lawrence Budmen, Miami Herald
"This young pianist has verve and technical dexterity"
Larry Warkentin, Music Critic Fresno
Masterworks offers hot classics on a warm day
"A tribute to a celebrated pianist, the trio puts the pianist in the spotlight as if he were soloist in a concerto. From his violent two-handed attack of the second theme, Vonsattel set the tone. Through blistering waves of arpeggiated scales and dark essays on sorrow, Vonsattel perfectly played the role of virtuoso that Tchaikovsky sought."
Milton Moore, New London Day
Swiss pianist makes big impression at festival

"The discovery was the Swiss-born, American-raised and -trained Gilles Vonsattel. A prolific winner of contests and prizes, the tall, lanky musician had a special quality Sunday afternoon in the Moores Opera House: an utter ease, fluidity and calm amid the most technically challenging music. Of the three recitalists, he alone mesmerized for minutes on end."

Charles Ward, Houston Chronicle
"Vonsattel's Swiss heritage makes for an interesting cultural dichotomy in the pianist's presence onstage. At once he plays like clockwork; like Geneva or Zurich, underneath his ornamentation and striking sonic architecture is a wellspring of substance. There is also an amalgam of French and German sensibilities, from unabashed ardor (the piano seemed to sigh with relief when done with Vonsattel's devastating dynamics) to a musical communion that seems to come straight from whatever heavens he believes in: Playing without sheet music, he paused in between each movement and, in one or two breaths, appeared to receive a cosmic upload of the next work." Read More...
Olivia Giovetti, Time Out New York
Equilibres Mozartiens
"He has a way of taming the piano without ever raising his voice, [with] a firm caress that eloquently and softly moves through his hands. In chamber music, this predisposition is marvelous. For Mozart it fits like a glove."
Jonas Pulver, Le Temps
"If prejudice haunts people who are against those genres of western classical music, that they deem as dull, slow and boring, then internationally acclaimed pianist, Gilles Vonsattel, who will be performing in the city is all set to dispel these doubts from the minds of the hardest cynics with his effortless alters between Bach and Beethoven over the black and white keys of the piano." Read More...
Rohan Swamy, Express India
"Mr. Vonsattel's new CD is a document that reveals an exceptional talent."
Neue Zürcher Zeitung
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