Quebec soprano Helene Brunet shines in CPO's Bach-at-Knox Festival

"This was one of the best performances of the entire festival - Brunet splendid in her clear, compact tone, effortless technique, and beguiling grace in overall presentation. This is music she understands well, and she has the flexibility of voice, breath control, and flair to make Bach's sometimes difficult writing sound perfectly natural. It was an impressive debut."

Kenneth Delong, Calgary Herald
American Classical Orchestra and Chorus: Cherubini, Beethoven and Mozart

"[M]arvelous. Hélène Brunet combines souple lyricism with technical elegance. In her... aria, Hélène was able to make ornements feel like a spontaneous, unplanned and experimental development of ideas."

Jean Ballard Telepka,
Levin-ized Mozart Mass proves the highlight of American Classical Orchestra program

"Her melodious dialogue with the woodwinds in Et Incarnatus Est was a treasure."

David Wright, New York Classical Review
Hélène Brunet and Luc Beauséjour offer elegant evening of fine Baroque fare

"Ms Brunet... stand[s] at the beginning of a bright and exciting career. If she sings so well now, I cannot wait to hear her again in many more recitals in the years to come."

Stephan Bonfield, Calgary Herald
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