Quartets team up for outstanding performance

"The final half of the evening was devoted to the Octet that the 16-year-old Mendelssohn wrote in 1825. Here the lineup was simple: Jasper on the left, Jupiter on the right, with J Freivogel playing first violin. This work contains a famous Scherzo that embodies the quick-silver lightness of one side of Mendelssohn's genius, and it was played at this concert with admirable speed and dexterity.

But this Octet has other treasures in the vigorous opening movement, and the second movement with an ethereal passage and a curious trailing off ending.

The finale seethes with contrapuntal brilliance, and throughout, these two quartets joined in an outstanding performance. The thrilling ending evoked roars of approval, as the audience stood in appreciation."

John Frayne, The News Gazette
The Magic of Music Revealed by Caroline Shaw and the Jasper String Quartet

"The result of their conscientious playing was a breathtaking blend of sounds free of any distraction. The Jasper String Quartet’s brilliant execution of the unison in the fourth movement left the audience with eyes wide open in amazement. Judging from the thunderous applause following the final note, the audience could not have been more satisfied with the performance of the piece."

Krista Wiese, CVNC
Jasper String Quartet Reimagines Schubert’s Lieder With Tenor Nicholas Phan

"The sound with the quartet is not only more operatic than with the piano, it brings out the classicism in Schubert’s writing. Der Sänger (The singer) never sounded more like a recitative from a Mozart opera than it did in this performance."

David Bratman, San Francisco Classical Voice
Jasper Comes to Maverick At Last

"The members of this ensemble, unlike some we’ve heard, don’t attempt to submerge their individual personalities in a kind of mind meld. Its ensemble is impeccable but you still hear four strong presences. I was immediately struck by the group’s cohesive, beautifully balanced playing along with the degree of individual expression in the opening movement...Someday, perhaps, this ensemble will record Haydn’s Op. 76. I’ll buy it."

Leslie Gerber, The Boston Musical Intelligencer

"Jupiter String Quartet and Philadelphia-based Jasper Quartet shared the stage, as copious chamber music riches rewarded all at Rockport’s Shalin Liu Center last night."

Victor Khatutsky, Boston Musical Intelligencer

"In the intimacy of the Great Hall of Kohl Mansion the audience can see every nuance, every sparkle of the eye, every collective breath of the performers, and this ensemble playing, infused with energy and intellect at every turn was an absolute joy to behold throughout the entire evening."

Heather J. Morris, Peninsula Reviews
A rich, intimate night with the Jasper Quartet

"They brought to the piece an interpretative style that was rich and warm, yet not ingratiating either. Lingering in the ear's memory was the tightly wound, austere performance of the Debussy back in March by the Ebene String Quartet at Union College. The Jasper gave it something much more welcome, a natural grace and beauty."

Joseph Dalton, Times Union
Jasper String Quartet — Magic Moments

"... we had ample opportunities to observe in each musician levels of virtuosity and musicianship of the highest order. I felt as though I were hearing this Haydn Quartet for the first time and being convinced that it simply couldn’t have been played any better. Each of the four musicians brought out of their instruments lovely sounds that blended superbly and served the music to perfection."

Lyn Bronson, Peninsula Reviews
Jasper String Quartet Dazzles with The Great Masters

"It's difficult to overestimate this ensemble's abilities.... Jasper is young, dynamic, and razor-sharp. Should you be fortunate enough to hear them live (and by all means, seize that opportunity), you'll hear some of the finest chamber musicianship in the world."


Nicholas Rich, Classical Voice of North Carolina
Jasper Quartet's 'sandwich' makes works digestible
"The standing ovation which greeted the closing of the concert was quite likely influenced by the Jasper String Quartet’s take on Mendelssohn, which was borderline brilliant."
Garaud MacTaggart, Buffalo News
"The Jasper String Quartet is the young face of American chamber music, now and in the future. To my mind they are on their way to replacing the eminent, now disbanded, Emerson String Quartet." Read More...
Rex Hearn, Palm Beach Arts Paper
Stormy-night selections get stellar treatment
"It was a 20-minute testament to the thrill of live music: No recording will ever be as good as this was."
Harriet Howard Heithaus, Naples Daily News
"The Jasper String Quartet instantaneously captivated the audience at the beginning of the Haydn, setting the bar high for the evening with their robust and cohesive playing. It was refreshing to see and hear a Haydn quartet performed with such inclusiveness." Read More...
Alexandra A. Vago,
Great Lakes Chamber Music Fest: The Best Attributes of Youth
“But good as they all were, the best performance of the three concerts was the Jasper String Quartet’s stupendous interpretation of Beethoven’s C-sharp minor String Quartet. Through the forty-minute work’s seven continuous movements, from the opening Adagio ma no troppo’s excruciating intensity through the Andante ma non troppo’s sweet and saucy variations to the Presto’s breakneck velocity and the closing Allegro’s slashing violence, the players' concentration never let up. Their performance was exciting, elating, and ultimately exalted--wholly deserving of the sustained standing ovation it received.”
James Leonard,
Review: Concert Marks Musician's Lincoln Return
"Second violinist Sae Chonabayashi's gestures were a delight to watch, reflecting the sweeping melodies and dynamics of the work. [Rachel Henderson] Freivogel's cello also was busy in the Borodin work. As she bowed the famous ‘Kismet' melody in the nocturne movement (‘And This Is My Beloved'), smiles of approval came to many faces among the 200 Abbott Auditorium patrons."
John Cutler, Lincoln Journal Star
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