Four Seasons Commission Project

Four Seasons | Four Composers

A Jasper String Quartet commissioning project

The perpetual flux of our natural world is a universally
shared source of inspiration, fascination and beauty in art.
Vivaldi wrote his genre-defining Four Seasons concertos
almost 300 years ago and Piazzola, Stravinsky and others followed suit.

This commission of Four Seasons for String Quartet, as
written by four remarkable composers from around the
world, brings the brilliant muse of the seasons to the
string quartet genre.

The Composers

The Jasper String Quartet specifically chose four spectacular and titan composers who write wonderful chamber music and who have significant connections to places that are magical in their respective seasons. The combination of the four unique perspectives and styles of

Lera Auerbach (Russia/Winter),
Akira Nishimura (Japan/Spring),
Chris Theofanidis (New England/Fall) and
Joan Tower (Hudson Valley/Summer)

will result in a fascinating work - an artistic convergence mirroring that of the four voices n a string quartet.


The Four Seasons will each be 8 minutes in length. Initially the Seasons will be played as the complete set, although each season will stand on its own and be available in the future as a stand alone work. Parts will be delivered spring of 2018.



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Posted: Apr-3-2018
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