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Handel: Messiah - "Why do the nations"

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Handel: Messiah - "Thus saith the Lord"

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Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 in D-minor - "O Freunde, nicht dise Töne"

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Copland: Old American Songs - I bought me a cat

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Copland: Old American Songs - Chin-a-ring chaw

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Copland: Old American Songs - Zion's Walls

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Elgar: The Dream of Gerontius (excerpt)

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Mozart: Der Schauspieldirektor - "Jeder Künstler strebt nach Ehre"

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Sierra: The Silver Messenger - "Ah, el vejigante"

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Bess You is My Woman Now

"Bess You is My Woman Now," from George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess. A selection from the "Gershwin Gala" presented at the Kimmel Center on January 6, 2012. Kevin Deas as Porgy, Julie-Ann Green as Bess, and Valentin Radu conducting.
Video Type: YouTube