"Every now and again a performance comes along that takes you by surprise with its brilliance, or its warmth, or its quirkiness, and makes you realize you’ve just witnessed something special. In the case of the New York Brass Arts Trio performance Oct. 15 at the Berger Center in Oakmont, all three of those surprises were in abundant supply.... This group is artistry incarnate."

Philip Beard, Classical Sonoma
New York Brass Arts Trio

"Fun — infectious, yet serious — pervaded Saturday evening’s concert by the New York Brass Arts Trio, part of the Mary Anne Rennolds Chamber Music Series at Virginia Commonwealth University.

"... three musicians of quality, energy and humor: trumpeter Joe Burgstaller, trombonist Haim Avitsur, and horn player David Jolley. Together, they pirated pieces from the classical canon — few of which they had any business playing, but all of which they rendered deeply enjoyable."

Anne Timberlake, Richmond Times-Dispatch
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