"The Signum’s playing is both clean in its clarity of ensemble and interpretatively full of freshness and life, and its ebullience of spirit in the exhilarating finale is infectious."

In the miniature wonderland of strings

“An exhilarating cocktail.... How wonderful it is when interpreters bring these ideas to life with such verve and intuition ..."

Werner Theurich, Spiegel
Uplifting Lunchtime Beethoven from the Signum String Quartet

“Thoughtful intellectual analysis, complex musicianship, outstanding technical command, meticulous ensemble and a delightful level of imagination persuasively underpinned their Beethoven.

"... the most uplifting lunchtime I have experienced for some time.”

Leon Bosch, Seen and Heard International
Signum Quartet at Wigmore Hall

“The Signum members gave a full-throttled performance [of Beethoven’s Große Fuge op. 133], rising to its many challenges – not the least of which being stamina – with great aplomb. Potentially an impenetrable mess of contrapuntal complexity, here the fugal lines were brought out with dextrous virtuosity.”

Arnold Jarvist, Classical Source
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