18-19 Season Sample Programs

The Hunt of the Fugue
MOZART: Adagio and Fugue E major from JS Bach "Well Tempered Clavier" BWV 878
MOZART: String quartet B major KV 458 "Hunt Quartet"
WIDMANN (b. 1973): 3rd String Quartet "Hunting Quartet" (2003)
BEETHOVEN: String Quartet B major op. 130 with grosse fugue

Fragments of an Eternity
MOZART: Adagio and Fugue in C minor KV 546
ROBERT FOKKENS (b. 1975): "Glimpses of a half-forgotten future"
WEBERN: Langsamer Satz
SCHUBERT: Quartet C minor D 703 (Fragment)
BACH: Counterpoint 18 from: Art of the joint WV 1080 (unfinished)
KONSTANTIA GOURZI (b. 1962): No. 2: "P-llion - fragments of an eternity"
BEETHOVEN: Great Fugue B major op. 133

#quartweets Program 1
Various Selection of quartweets (20 minutes with moderation)
WEBERN: Six Bagatelles op. 9
JANÁCEK: String Quartet No. 1 "Kreutzer Sonata"
SCHUBERT: String quartet D minor D 810 "The death and the Maiden"
SCHUBERT: String quartet in G major D 887

#quartweets Program 2
MOZART: String Quartet G major KV 387    OR
SCHUBERT: String Quartet B major No. 8 D 112
Various Selection of quartweets (5 minutes)
ROBERT FOKKENS (B. 1975): "Glimpses of a half-forgotten future"   OR
PRIAULX RAINIER (1903-1986): Quartet for strings
BEETHOVEN: String Quartet B major op. 130 with Great Fugue op. 133


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