SSO gives voice to both hidden and best-loved musical works

"He won over the audience with grace and finesses rather than flash, Chooi truly played with the orchestra, not simply taking the spotlight out front. In moments where he was not playing, he closed his eyes and swayed in appreciation. He gave the impression he truly enjoyed being part of this historic night."

Heather Persson, Saskatoon StarPhoenix

"From the moment this young man walked on the stage, he was poised and self-confident and his playing followed suit.
His technical passages were effortless, and his fingers flew up and down the fingerboard with trills so fast they sounded like harmonics."

Summerland Review

"Clearly a violinist of talent, Chooi has a solid technique and an easy, effortless way of playing: the Mendelssohn concerto was a good vehicle to show his talents."

Kenneth Delong, Calgary Herald
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