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Troupe Vertigo: Cirque Dances

Troupe Vertigo, whose innovative circus-dance-theater works redefine visual space with displays of mental and physical prowess, announces its 2018-19 Cirque at Symphony Hall Series. Now in its second year, the one-of-a-kind series features a range of programs, created in collaboration with national symphonies, that highlight popular films, Broadway hits, and holiday classics. Audiences in Indianapolis, Phoenix, Baltimore, Salt Lake City and Seattle, among others, can experience the synergy between symphony musicians and circus-dance-theater artists as they share the stage for a spellbinding performance.


Circus Magic at the Symphony: Troupe Vertigo Performs with the VSO

Vancouver is full of postcard-perfect views—hello, North Shore Mountains!—but Troupe Vertigo brings even more spectacular sights to the Orpheum Theatre. The LA-based troupe is in town for their Cirque at Symphony Hall Series tour of North America. The acclaimed circus performers dazzle audiences with awe-inspiring acrobatics, choreographed to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s performance of timeless pieces by musical legends such as Tchaikovsky. For one night only, aerialists soar through the air above the musicians, contortionists captivate with mind-bending physical feats and dancers sweep across the Orpheum’s elegant stage. Circus and symphony in a historic concert hall? Now that’s a sight to see.

Chloe Lai, where.ca
Win tickets to the incredible artistry of Troupe Vertigo with the VSO

Troupe Vertigo, formed by alumni of Cirque du Soleil, perfectly marry daring acrobatics with the greatest hits of the symphonic repertoire including Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, and Dvořák. Don’t miss this all new show live with the VSO.


The Georgia Straight
Movement and Music are in perfect Sync at Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Opening Concert

"Cirque Goes to the Movies" sparkles with Troupe Vertigo’s aerialists, contortionists, strong men and dancers visualizing the action of key songs from classic movies. Musicality of movement is at the center of everything Troupe Vertigo does, be it comedic or imbued with pathos. Even if you’ve never seen the film, the storyline takes shape with Troupe Vertigo movement in sync with music performed by the full Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.


Rita Kohn, Explore Dance
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