Special Project
Paris Days, Berlin Nights

Crossing national and stylistic boundaries alike, the Vogler Quartet, Ute Lemper, and clarinetist/pianist Stefan Malzew embark on an exciting journey bringing together Weimar chansons and the classical works they influenced. From Weill to Piazzolla, from Schulhoff to Piaf, these exciting artists present an extraordinary portrait of the cultural melting pot of 1920’s Europe.

The Vogler Quartet, Germany's preeminent string quartet, collaborates with internationally renowned cabaret artist Ute Lemper for a one-of-a-kind special project. Europe of the 1920's was a melting-pot of culture, as musical influences were pouring in from all over the world: This unique collaboration will combine classical repertoire influenced by non-classical elements such as tango and jazz with popular songs of the time by Weimar composers such as Kurt Weill and Hans Eisler. After intermission, we will cross countries and continents to hear "chansons" of Edith Piaf, Astor Piazzolla and more. Brand new arrangements for Ms. Lemper and the Vogler with piano and clarinet will be provided by multi-talented conductor/composer/performer Stefan Malzew, who will also be joining the artists as performer.

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Posted: Dec-4-2013
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